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December 30, 2014


Andy Lacey

That sucks. I won't attempt any advice, as this is well outside our remit...along with any hope of our own pool in the near future. Best of luck finding a solution though.


Hi we also sell Cumaru and might be able to give you some advice if you want to give us a call. It looks like from the pictures that your spacing was too small being Kiln Dried and depending on how much ventilation you decking had and the area you are in.

I think some of the mold might be from the lack of drainage because of the boards swelling closed. You will probably want to clean it with a brush every year but I would not pressure wash since it can have a sanding effect and not work properly.

Check out our site we have advice on installation, care, and more but please feel free to contact us and we can give you some advice for the future!


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