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May 25, 2014


Blaine Siler

If you can't replace it; reface it :) Thanks Hunter!

Blaine Siler

Something I've learned about Eichler siding that I want to share: every panel you use, should be soaked 1st with Smiths penetrating epoxy, then primed while the epoxy is still tacky. The primer and epoxy bond super well and seal the panels water tight.. Do so especially in heavy sun and weather areas of your home (Epoxy the panels outside and wear a respirator, epoxy kills your brain) But it's worth it. Had some issues with the Breckenridge thinline siding delaminating I have gotten from Jeff's Eichler Siding in Novoto. The epoxy will prevent having to replace.


A couple of turns of the spring should be able to make up for the added weight. If not it maybe time to upgrade the spring to one that can take a heavier load. The existing opener should be able to handle it fine.

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