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September 10, 2011



I just stumbled upon your blog and this jumped out at me. We have a 35,000 gallon pool in our backyard. When you put your pool in I'll happily take the dirt to fill ours in (although the drive may be a bit much!). Maybe it's being in the south but that pool is a year round job. It was great when the kids were little but now it just tempts the dog. If you do get one installed get the saline pool, not one requiring chlorine. My neighbor has a saline pool and it's a whole lot cheaper to keep up. And don't use exposed aggregate for the apron - horribly painful on bare feet. Good luck!

Rick Swan

I work for Royal Pools of Santa Clara. We're Diamond Certified and have developed over 7,000 pools. I'll work with you offline to quickly quote your pool.

- Rick
[email protected]


Think at least 50K, maybe more with your narrow access way

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