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August 10, 2011



Very cool. Thanks for posting the details.


Super clean. Dig it.

Elaine Snyder

I'm so happy you shared the details of your fire pit. We are thinking about building one of our own using your very detailsed plans. Is there anything you would tweak if you had to do it over again? We are considering a lid with handles to cover the whole thing for fire safety issues and to keep the rocks clean and deris-free over the rainy and leaf filled winter season. I was considering using some shiny smooth river rocks on top of cheaper decomposed granite. Did yours rust after time? Any current pics? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and love the blog!


it hasn't rusted much, but it's been dry up until the past few weeks. i'll be keeping a coating of oil and wax on it, but it will rust over time. i honestly don't think i'd change a thing. we thought about a cover (could still put /something/ over it), but anything hook or bracket related would be visible intrusive and potentially dangerous (snag/poke) -- the open pit works well for us.

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