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July 17, 2011



Where did you find the vanity? Excellent color scheme- It is my inspiration bathroom :)


The vanity is from Ikea -- part of the Godmorgon line. It's a bit hard to use with non-Ikea parts, but if you're crafty, you can make it work. Specifically, it's made to work with the Ikea-supplied trap and drain which likely isn't as nice as the one that comes with your faucet set. In the pictures above, you can see how I modified the drawers to clear the trap and drain.


Can you tell me where you got the tile? And the flooring? We have a sad bathroom in the exact same floor plan and may copy your idea. :)


the tile is a 4X4 matte tile. it was special ordered from lowes, but it only took a week or so to get in. i can't remember if it's dal-tile or american olean. the flooring is armstrong excelon imperial texture VCT (black) -- about as standard as you can get. the edges of the shower walls are finished with schluter tile edging strips (aluminum) available at better tile shops (not big-box stores, though... HD has a version, but they're not as nice).

M C Hanrahan

Bathroom looks great! I'm at the end of my own reno and have run into maor problems with the godmorgon drawers and the plumbing. I have the same sink too. Do you by any chance -pretty please- have any pictures of the back edge of the top drawer? I'd love to see more of how you hacked that. I'm going to have to do something similar and your solution looks so eloquent. It seems like you still have the slatted parts on the back. How!?

Thanks for your time!

Hunter Wimmer

here's another shot of the top drawer:

or you can look in the recent post "picture pages". i can't remember exactly how i did it, but i cut a circular hole in the bottom (4in hole saw) and carried the lines to the rear. i then used the dividers to form the sides and cut the slats in the back to accommodate.

the back of the bottom drawer is a custom cut piece of birch the same thickness as the original slats and popped into place (secured with brad nails if i recall)... which might be how i used the slats on the top (or re-used them or their parts).

with IKEA hacks, it's always "make it up as you go along" to some extent. the hack wasn't hard, but it took some creativity.


M C Hanrahan

Thanks so much for the reply and the pics.

Larry Davis

Are you using the Serin waste line and pop-up? Did you have any issues with leakage between the china and the waste line/pop-up?

We have a Godmorgon vanity and Odensvik sink with Serin fixtures. The plumber installed them (we are going to modify the drawers as needed so we can use real plumbing). However he tested it today after it cured and there is a leak. He is saying he can fix it but we will lose the pop up.

Hunter Wimmer

Hi Larry: Yes, we used the Serin lines... I recall that the angles were a bit off and I had to use more plumber's putty than typical, but I haven't heard any complaints about leakage.

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