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June 16, 2010



Did they accidentally forget any fancy furniture at your house? (Hopefully!)


amid the chaos, they were actually very methodical about what they brought in and out. the producer took photos of the "before" and made sure every room was exactly as they found it. i was pleasantly surprised overall.


what a production, I was wondering that also... what did they leave you :)

Also,i have to know... your black sofa who is that by? I'm in love with it.... DROOL....


the black sofa in the living room (leather and walnut) is the "goetz" sofa by herman miller... it's unfortunately, very uncomfortable. the cushions are memory foam -- bad choice for a sofa... a sinking pit.

Madeline (Stanionis)

Super cool. My parents would have flipped. (And my mom would have loved the yellow door, even though you know... she was partial to green and blue).


always great to get a note from the original owners! (and one from jenny on the post above).

i hope your parents would approve of the renovation -- i think they were fond of the original architecture (which we hoped to revert to). i remember seeing a note your mom jotted down on a piece of paper for your dad that read: "how about an eichler?"...

fyi: not sure if it was coincidence or not, but we named the hummingbird that visits us, "stan"

Madeline (Stanionis)

I know it's weeks and weeks later, but I just saw your comment...

My folks LOVED the architecture. And hated what some folks in the neighborhood did to their eichlers.

Love Stan the Hummingbird. Really sweet.


Saw your house in the latest DWR catalog that arrived at my house this week. I absolutely love what you've done. We have a William Cody in Palm Springs and are looking do re-do the flooring. Love the black tile in your Eichler Is it original or did you install it? It looks like Marmoleum tile. If you had it installed, would you mind giving me the details on it (style; color)? Thanks much!


hi van: thanks for the kind words. the flooring is armstrong VCT... check it out here:

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