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October 19, 2009



and does the rain chain spit water absolutely everywhere? does it actually get water off roof?, Our roof is FLAT so it needs all the help it can get. or is the rain chain more decorative than utilitarian- I have my doubts before I run out and order one of these zen like things that may lead to a very unzen day if it doesn't help remove water...


the chains help to direct the rain toward the ground -- although there *is* quite a bit of splashing... best for area that have a bit of overhang (like in the picture). we have 2 areas where the drains are closer to the siding (the front being one of them) and i'm considering traditional downspouts here (we have traditional downspouts on the garden side of the house for tis reason). no downspout will actively *pull* water down, just provide guidance for drainage. all this said, the chains will work just as well as downspouts providing there isn't something that the pending splashing will effect. the plus side is that there's no way for them to really get blocked (like with leaves).

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