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August 22, 2008



the gum goes well with the tube of hairball medicine! :)

my boyfriend and i have been keeping tabs on your progress - everything really looks amazing. we're in the market for an eichler up in terra linda. thanks for all great ideas.


thanks... forget terralinda -- we have some killer deals on eichlers in concord... on the BART line (45mins to downtown)...


i know, concord does have some deals... we'll have to get out there sometime and cruise around a bit.


most of the smoking deals in concord are on foreclosures that are in rough shape (but not hopeless). people are getting them for under $400K. if you have a $600K budget, imagine what $200K could do (hint: make it the eichler of your dreams)... rather than living within someone else idea of a nice bathroom tile. my recent fave is 4000 salem. salem is a nice street with several well-done homes (and one not so well one which will also be in foreclosure soon). 4125 phoenix is in foreclosure limbo presently, but that's also a contender.


Thanks for the addresses. We will go this weekend, probably. The restaurant situation out there does seem better (there's Korean, Vietnamese, sushi, right?) than San Rafael...which is kind of key for me.


i'd suggest making appointments with the agents first. 4000 salem is a j rockliff (sp?) property... as far as restaurants, in todos-santos plaza, there are 2 sushi restaurants (we like happy roll better). there's also quite a few thai and pacific-rim-esque restaurants -- and plenty of good taquerias. remember the per capita income of much of marin is higher which will bring in the foodies, but there's great spots in walnut creek for higher-end stuff if concord seems lowbrow. most of the best stuff in concord is centered around todos-santos plaza (our "town square").


ok - i think we just want to do a driveby around the neighborhood first. i'm not interested in highbrow stuff - i just want to be able to get decent pho/korean bbq/thai on a semi-weekly basis. marin has an incredible lack of good cheap eats (not surprising i guess). thanks for the tips.


cool. when you're out... make sure you drive by all 3 (yes, 3... or 2.5) eichler neighborhoods in corcord (center points): west and salem / phoenix and mendocino / gainsborough @ babel...

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