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June 24, 2010



We tried that paint, but interior. It took 5 coats to cover and I really need another coat. I want to repaint the wall but I am so scared that it will start to peel off on my roller when the new paint is applied. I am wondering how long before they pull it out of stores???

John Klima

On a somewhat related topic, I saw your posting on lottalivin' regarding your tub repair. In my 1958 Eichler I was able to touch up two 1/2" divots in my tub with Porc-a-fix. With patience, three coats, and light sanding I almost cannot find the repairs under any light. This will certainly be cheaper and hopefully more durable than a re-coat. If/when I re-do the hall bath, I would probably install a new tub, which should be easier with the paneling out, and space made to install a planned pocket door. I hope this helps.

kate skogen

great info!! we're about to start painting interior doors on our eichler. thanks so much for saving us time, energy, and money!

kate skogen
(friend of stephen wahl)

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