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August 05, 2009



I joked with Ryan about how I hoped you wouldn't check out the open house. I thought it might give you a heart attack. I was so shocked to see its condition. More shocking, the listing agent told me (this was two weekends ago) that he'd received seven offers. Since it's still being shown, I feel like he may have been lying.


he might've received 7 offers for $150K... i'm amazed that the bak/agents are showing it in this condition... bring in a paint and carpet crew, at least. the agent didn't seem like the most personable fella...


We meant to get over to see that open house. I am glad we didn't waste our time. Hideous!! That deer looks frightened. I don't know who started that rumor, but I do not do what the graffiti states... no matter how much chablis I've had...


Welcome Me!

My name is Blaine Siler; I am the new owner of this “shocking” and “hideous!!” house at 4095 Phoenix. After 1st reading this post and comments, I have to admit I was feeling a teeny bit defensive. You see, I feel very passionate about my house because I know the potential here is certainly not “too far gone”. -I look at it in the same way parents gaze at their ugly children; -with absolute love and dedication.
Now I just consider this article and its comments as a neatly chronicled “Before” keepsake for my scrapbook to help me remember where we came from.
My partner Tom and I are doing what we can afford to keep up with the "bads" list and I hope sooner rather than later, we will have a more pleasingly restored house to meet the high high expectations of my critical and catty neighbors -(just teasin ;)

Truth be told, everyone I've met so far have been my very idea of dreamy neighbors, and hope to get to know you all more over time.

P.S. We kinda thought the graffiti sentiment was a selling point.


Welcome Tom and Blaine...

We admire your passion and the ability to see past the surface. It is a must on these home. Many have had quite the makeover in their days, some worse than others. It will be fun to look back someday and see the "before" photos. Enjoy your home.

We welcome you to the neighborhood and hope to meet you sometime soon.

Sorry to come off so critical.

Scott Allison

Blaine, We viewed this house today, and then stumbled across the "before". All I can say is "wow!" You guys have done an *amazing* job; it is an exquisite transformation.

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